13. Gängeviertel Geburtstag

Foa Hoka
2022-08-26, 22:00–23:30 (Europe/Berlin), Fabrique Saal

One of the most extravagant experimental formations that Ukrainian alternative scene ever had. The project was launched in the beginning of 90’s under the supervision of once legendary now half forgotten east Ukrainian cultural organization “Novaya Scena”, which main achievement became CD compilation of Ukrainian alternative music on german label “What So Funny About” 13 years ago. Foa Hoka had their debut there, as a post industrial neo folk combo. The band started putting together early 90s industrial trends with sharp lo-fi grooves boldly combined with lush melody polyphonia and unexpectably emotional crooning. Past decade brought some specific changes to their conception. At this very moment, after Germany and Poland tours, a number of CD releases & bootlegs, numerous appearances on various modern art festivals, the band strongly holds its position as Ukraine’s most consistent and up-to-date underground project.
FON album was recorded in 1998 and its visualization has been started simultaneously.
Ancient analog Soviet synthesizers have been used in the process, so, the results of syntheses were unpredictable.
The uniqueness of every act is determined by the fact that it is impossible to reproduce the sound of any of the performances.
Each of the acts is a report on the expedition to the country of lost electrons.